Windows 8 Transformation Pack For Windows 7 Now Available! Download Now!

We’re all excited about the prospect of a shiny new operating system from the wizards at Microsoft with its shiny user interface. If you just can’t wait to have that Windows 8 feel though, you’re in luck, thanks to a handy skin pack courtesy of one clever DeviantArt user.

Going by the name of hameddanger, this clever fellow has put together a theme that will take your boring old Windows 7 machine and make it look all Windows 8-like.

The pack fittingly consists of 8 parts, all of which are linked to on DeviantArt for your downloading pleasure. Other good news comes from the pack’s creator himself. Apparently this is just the beginning for the skin pack, meaning more development, changes and additions are on their way. Great news for those of the skinning persuasion.

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pa

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